Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick clarification

For those who are a little confused.....

We are building a house. It won't be done for 5 months.

So we are renting in the meantime.

Our new landlord was still in the process of acquiring the house we were to rent when we arrived in Arizona. He was supposed to close on it back in May but it was a foreclosure/Fannie Mae property and it took longer then expected to close on.

So we spent the first week in a hotel.

It closed/recorded last Monday but the landlord wasn't ready for us to move in quite yet. But he also happens to own a fully furnished vacation rental one street over that he let us stay in while he prepped the new property for us.

We decided to paint the rental (because the walls were neon yellow and florescent orange.) The landlord bought the paint and is letting us stay at the vacation rental while we paint. (Middle of summer is the off season for Arizona vacationers, go figure.)

So-our truck has been unloaded at the long term rental. But we are still living at the vacation rental for another week or so while we finish painting.

Is that now clear as mud?


Liss said...

you are glutton for punishment painting those walls--although i wouldn't be able to live with the former paint colors either. that landlord is LUCKY to get you as a renter who is willing to do that.

orangemily said...