Sunday, July 3, 2011

This is your brain in the AZ sun

Every time we have had to venture out this week my husband comments that it is so hot that it is cooking his brains. So of course all I can think of when he says that is the old public service commercial with the egg frying as the voice over says "This is your brain on drugs".

Weird and random, I know.
To flip or flop or not
Monday, June 27, 2011
Day 29
For years I have been trying to convince my husband to wear sandals. I wear sandals whenever the occasion permits. I love letting my toes be free! (Sometimes to my detriment, but that doesn't stop me!)

I thought that once we moved to AZ he would FINALLY decide to give up his socks and shoes in lieu of something a little cooler.

But-here are my feet at the park today.

Summertime feet

And here are his feet at the park today.

Summertime feet?

As you can see, even in 118 degree weather I am still losing this battle.

Reunited, and it feels so good
Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Day 30

Today I FINALLY unpacked some of Zoey's toys. It's been almost 2 months since I packed them and she has been asking for weeks when she is going to get her dolls back.

So today she was reunited with her princess dolls. And she was just a TAD excited.

Reunited and it feels so good

Yes, she is still in her pajamas, and yes it was after 4:00 in the afternoon. Don't judge.

Paint with all the colors of the wind
Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Day 31

Exactly what color is the wind? Would you call it Pebbled Courtyard? Or Toffee Crunch?

Paint with all the colors of the wind

Today's picture was inspired by a conversation on Twitter with my cousin Andria and my Sister-in-law Karen. I was making fun of paint colors but Andria told me she gives paint chips to her high school students to help inspire them when they write poetry. So then I couldn't make fun of goofy paint color names anymore because that actually is a really good idea.

Finding Sanity on a swing
Thursday June 30, 2011
Day 32

It's been so hot all week that we haven't gone anywhere. At all. And by today I was going completely stir crazy. So around dusk I decided to walk down to get the mail and committed to not head home until I saw something that intrigued or inspired me. I went all the way around the block without much luck. Just across the street and down a few houses from our house is a small little "park". If you could even really call it that. It is just a sand pit with two swings and a teeter-totter. So I walked over to the swings and sat down and started to swing a little, unsure of what else to do. I just knew I wasn't ready to go home yet but it was TOO HOT to keep walking. And at least the swings were in the shade.

And as I started to swing I had a moment of feeling like a kid again, for just a moment. And I tried to see how high I could get. And then I reveled in the feeling of the breeze rushing past me as I swung back and forth, back and forth, higher and higher.

And my cares started to melt away. The stir-craziness of the week started to melt away. My heart was lighter. And I thought about how I found my sanity on the swings-and knew that had to be my picture for the day.

So I propped my phone up and put the timer on. But it kept clicking at weird times so all the pictures were really awkward. Of all I took this was the best.

Sanity on the swings

And it wasn't great. So after about 5 minutes of running back and forth and setting the time over and over I came up with this one instead.

Sanity on the swings

But the process of trying to come up with a creative picture of me on the swings was in and of itself amazingly cleansing and refreshing!

Vitamin D therapy
Friday July 1, 2011
Day 33
After weeks of waiting, impatiently I might add, the HOA FINALLY delivered our pool pass. Which meant today it was time for to get our allotment of vitamin D.

Swim therapy

Made for 3 very happy, very tired kids.

Ghetto Fab
Saturday July 2, 2011
Day 34
We are having record breaking heat here in AZ right now. So we have stayed pretty holed up in the house, but we had to venture out today. The AC in the car isn't working up to par and we have been struggling to come up with a doable solution to make car trips bearable. We bought a fan that plugs into the 12 volt outlets in the car but didn't have anywhere to clip it.
So I grabbed my small cutting board, clipped the fan to that and and used bungees to strap the cutting board to the arm rest.

Ghetto Fab

Ghetto fab

I can almost hear Jeff Foxworthy now, "You may be a red neck if......"

In the name of fashion
Sunday, July 3, 2011
Day 35

I guess today's picture is less about documenting our time in AZ and more about revealing a little more of my crazy side....but you know.

See I pulled my watch out of my jewelry box today only to find that it had a dead battery.

But the watch is so cute and matched my outfit for church so well that I wore it anyway! And prayed nobody would ask me what time it was.



HeidiPie said...

That's really funny about your watch. I looked at my watch today had a dead battery. I haven't worn it in a long time. But it was not as cute as yours...I didn't wear it.
I think I'd stay in all day too every day if it was that hot here. Glad it's not. But I am happy for Zoey that she got some toys and for all that you got your pool passes!!! yaay!!

Liss said...

mike's feet look like justin's. except i found him some keen sandals that don't rub his toe knuckles raw and he now forgoes socks.

i like your sandal tan :)

and your swing pictures :)

orangemily said...

Love the pictures & update!
Glad you like the watch. I need to make you another band to go with it.