Monday, August 20, 2012

Now What?

Well. There it is. One year. A picture a day. Can't believe we have been here a year already! In some ways the time has flown by so quickly and yet in other ways it feels like we've always been here.

I'm not sure what the future of this blog is now. I need to take a break from a picture a day for now, but I haven't decided yet if I will continue to post slice of life pictures periodically or if this blog is to stand alone as a record of our first year and I should post fun things somewhere else.

The kids all started school recently and I am taking these first few weeks to try and get organized and make a plan for going forward so I will decide soon.

I hope in the meantime you'll drop by once in a while and read some of the archives-because it was a heck of a year!

1 comment:

HeidiPie said...

I've been waiting for the last few weeks of your year (for a few months now.) ;)
That was quite a task. I have thought about doing that myself this year. But I don't think I'd have quite the dedication it would take. Although, it would be fun.