Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The End?

Eat, Eat, Eat
Monday, May 28, 2012
Day 365

When we have guests we like to take them to all our favorite places to eat, so I think our guests think that the ONLY thing we ever do is eat! And swim.

Today we dined at the Apple Dumpling Cafe.


They have a yummy chicken avocado crescent with baked apples and cinnamon and raspberry chipotle that is SO GOOD!

Party Time
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Day 366

Adam's class had an ice cream party today to celebrate the upcoming last day of school. As part of their celebration they each got to pick one piece of writing they did during the year to share with the class.


Adam has become quite the little writer this year. Before long maybe he'll be blogging right along side me.

Then, of course, since Grandma and Grandpa are still here we had to take them out for dinner. We haven't run out of favorite places to eat yet! Tonight it was Chino Bandido.


Last Day of School!
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Day 367

Lots of things are coming to an end nearly simultaneously here. We are at the end of our first year in Arizona. We are nearly at the end of Grandma and Grandpa's visit. And today we are at the end of a fantastic school year.

Here are my good looking kids headed out the door for the last day.



They have grown so much since the first day of school!

Hugging teachers goodbye.



Thank you so much to our WONDERFUL teachers this year!!!!!!

Olive You Glad I Haven't Run Out of Puns Yet?
Thursday, May 31, 2012
Day 368

When Ryan was in town we visited the Queen Creek Olive Mill and learned all about growing Olives and make Olive Oil. So of course I had to take my parents back for a visit as well.

When Ryan was here the tress were full of blooms. Now they are full of fruit.


My mom bought a couple of bottles of oil and then in a display of momentary forgetfulness tried to take them in her carry-on. Of course they wouldn't let her. Over 1 oz of liquid. I was nearly home from dropping them off at the airport when I got the call from my dad, Southwest was holding the oil for them and could I please return the airport and pick it up.


Operation get mom's oil from the airport was a success.

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HeidiPie said...

Visitors are always fun. Sometime we're going to come visit you. =) What are on the kids dog tags?