Thursday, September 1, 2011

To tumblr or not to tumblr? That is the question.

Not that anybody cares....but it's my blog so I can ramble aimlessly if I want.....but I have spent a considerable amount of time this week working on transferring this little blog of mine over to tumblr. Because I was looking for ways to keep up on this blog without it being such a big ordeal at the end of each week to get my pics from my phone to flickr then to my blog and tumblr has a really great iPhone app for posting straight from my phone.

So I spent way too much time trying to make my life easier when just writing this blog post would've been faster. Do you have weeks like that????

And after all that time spent I have decided, for now at least, to just stay here. Lots of reasons why that are boring and I won't go into but mostly because tumblr doesn't support comments and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I like getting comments from ya'll. It makes me feel connected....and since we moved and I don't have friends here yet and I'll admit, I've been lonely. So feeling connected to a vibrant online community has become more important to me then ever.

Although I am still considering switching to a daily post instead of a weekly one....I don't know I'm torn. Are these weekly posts getting too long? Heck yea they are-because I'm still yammering away about this! Less typing and more pictures already!

Zoey's Home!
Monday, August 22, 2011

The only thing missing from this picture is her shoes thrown haphazardly into the mix. Having Zoey in our home is a little like living constantly in the wake of a hurricane.

I think she may be genetically predisposed to mess making and hoarding. Do I try and train this out of her or just try to manage the best I can but mostly just love her just like she is?

Sleeping Handsome
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

He doesn't nap much these days but today Harrison crawled up on my lap and feel asleep. Is there ANYTHING as precious as a sleeping child?

Notice the super matted down hair-ALL my kids sweat profusely when they fall asleep. Seriously. One of these days I should take a picture of on of their pillows after they have been asleep so you can see the huge sweat spots left behind by their sweaty little precious heads.

Not a commentary on gas prices
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is actually a story about me having to get gas in my pajamas.

We were running late this morning. I typically get up before the kids and have already showered before they awake. It's just easier that way. But this morning I just couldn't pull myself out of bed. Then the kids couldn't get moving. And shoes were missing and homework wasn't in the backpack and so I didn't make it to the shower before time to start the school trek. Which meant that for the first time since school started I was taking the kids to school in my pajamas. (Which means I didn't have on a bra.)

Which would have been fine except that as soon as we got in the car it starting dinging and flashing at me that I was very low on gas. Why didn't I get gas last night? Why?

The school run is a long drive and my choices were all bleak. I could stop and get gas, but we were already running late and would this make the kids late for school?

I thought about trying to get the kids to school then getting gas on the way home. But there isn't a gas station near the school. And when you add all the idling in the drop off line on top of the miles to school I wasn't 100% sure I'd make it.

Still I almost chanced it until I remembered I was in pajamas. And this is our only car so I ran out of gas I couldn't call Mike and beg him to come get me. If I ran out of gas I would be hiking in the Arizona heat in my pajamas and slippers to get gas. And if I ran out anywhere close to the school I would be hiking in the Arizona heat in my pajamas in front of all the other school parents.

So stopped first and got gas. And we weren't late. We pulled up after the first bell but before the second, cutting it closer then I like but at least I didn't run out of gas in my pajamas!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So many hours to fill while the older kids are at school-today he played Candy Land by himself for about 45 minutes.

I would've played with him but it was actually much more amusing to me to watch and listen to him play by himself. The little gingerbread men would talk to each other as they moved along the board and at times I couldn't contain my giggles at what they would say to each other.

Swiftly and Skillfully 
Friday, August 26, 2011

A crew of 6 men sheet rocked our entire home today. The whole thing. When we finished the basement in our Utah home it took Mike weeks and weeks to do the sheet rock.

I know you can't really compare because Mike was still working a full time job and was often times working by himself. But it is still amazing to me to see how fast they worked.

These two for, example, where throwing up these ceiling pieces like it was no big deal. They grab the together and then jump up those step ladders like nobody's business. They hoisted it over their head as if it was light as a feather. (My dad has the bump on his head from helping Mike put up ceiling pieces to prove that they are not in fact as light as a feather.) And then one handed they'd place a nail and then pound it in with 3 swings.

I'm thinking that the transition from construction worker to Cirque du Soleil performer is not as big of a stretch as you'd imagine. Especially the roofers. Have you seen they way the dangle off the side of a pitched roof?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Too hot to go outside, too stir crazy to stay home we did a little window shopping today. These are some of the things that inspired me.

I am very in love these days with cool colors. Greens and blue hues I guess remind me of someplace tropical. I am also drawn to geometric shapes. So of course I loved this chair!

I loved this armorie as well. Green and squares! I actually like Zoey is that bright yellow next to it. I feel inspired to spray paint my bed green and my night stands yellow.

A Robot Fairy 
Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zoey found the box of dress ups that I had hidden the back of a closet hoping that could just stay in their box until we moved into the new house. But she was NOT having that. She found that box fair and square and she WAS going to dress a robot fairy?


And why shouldn't she be a fairy robot? That girl dances to the beat of her own drum and I love her for it.


Liss said...

i love that chair too. that BLUE! i'm madly in love with blue. yellow rocks too :)

and those construction workers would get WAY better pay and benefits if they were cirque performers. it might make it worth it to switch professions ;)

HeidiPie said...

Kids never cease to amaze me. We have fairies at our house too. Ones with armor and princess and ties and bows.
I can't believe that guys can sheetrock that fast...craZy!

orangemily said...

Cute Zoey!

orangemily said...
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Andria said...

Just so you know, I like the weekly posts. It's kind of like waiting for the next episode of my favorite show, you know?

Principessa said...

I've decided that the sweaty sleepers must be something your children got from you, because my little Stanford also leaves greats sweat spots where he sleeps. In fact, that's one of the tell-tale signs I know he's ready for a nap/bed, his head starts to get clammy as the sweat starts to form. That, and he puts his fingers in MY mouth. Still not sure what that is all about.