Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This week marked our first visitors. But I'm getting ahead of myself....first things first.

Because it was THAT day
Monday, September 12 2011

I'll be honest....I'm behind on blogging and so it's now been two weeks since I took this picture and I can't remember the exact story behind it.


I do remember it was a rough day and so about an hour before bedtime I declared I had had ENOUGH at which point I told Mike he was in charge of putting the kids to bed and I retreated to a bubble bath with a book. Hence the picture. What I don't remember is why it was such a bad day.

Guess it just goes to prove the saying "this too shall pass." Because apparently it did.

Follow Your Heart
Tuesday, September 13 2011

Today I got to go with Adam on his first 2nd grade field trip. They have been learning about all the different body systems so to end their unit they went to the Halle Heart Children's Museum.

follow your heart

It was actually very cool. Except that at one of the stops on our tour we learned about how healthy eating helps our hearts. Our tour guide talked about how much fat you should (or shouldn't) eat each day and taught about reading nutrition labels and paying close attention to serving sizes. So now Adam has become our nutrition label police. Which means I now have to eat ice cream after he goes to bed so he won't give me a lecture about how much fat is in each serving.

Color me Green
Wednesday, September 14 2011

They finally started putting the exterior color on the house. So-for those of you who asked, this is what color it is going to be.


When my mother-in-law saw it she called it puke green. I prefer "Desert Green".

And speaking of my mother-in-law.....

Thursday, September 15 2011

Today our first visitors arrived! Grandma and grandpa must really love the kids because they drove 11 hours to sleep on an air mattress and go out in the 110 degree heat! (Back in May before we even left, when they were planning this trip none of us had any idea it would still be so hot in September!)

first visitors

Here we go again
Friday, September 16 2011

A couple of weeks ago we went to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

When I asked the kids where they wanted to take grandma and grandpa when they arrived they unanimously replied they wanted to go back to the railroad park.

So, back to the railroad park we went!


Big House
Saturday, September 17 2011

Today, still trying to entertain our visitors, we headed southward to Coolidge to the Casa Grande National Monument.

Casa Grande

You can see from how tiny my kids look next to it that it really is a BIG house!

Parting is such sweet sorrow
Sunday, September 18 2011

Today we bid farewell to our first visitors. I had intended on taking a picture of then hugging the kids goodbye, or of them pulling out of the driveway. But forgot. So instead you get a picture of the empty driveway taken hours after they had left.



Liss said...

hmm...house looks brown to me...maybe i'm mildly color blind? ;)

HeidiPie said...

Fun week! I love it when visitors come.

Karen said...

Loved this post!! I also love the house color!!