Monday, October 3, 2011

Another week, another post

I can quit anytime I want
Monday, September 19 2011

I keep giving up caffeine. There have been a few times I have even made it months before "needing" it again. So lately I have sort of given up on giving it up.

Until I relized that I polished off this entire bottle today-all by myself.

I can quit anytime I want...

Maybe it's time to try giving it up, again.

Check Anger
Tuesday, September 20 2011

We currently drive a 10 year old car that has told us in no uncertain terms that it does not like the Arizona heat. It's a German car and apparently they are much happier in colder climates.

But as we are closing on a house soon our loan officer has asked us to please wait until after we close to buy a new car so she can assure we close on time.

So we've been babying it and trying to get it through just a few more weeks-so of course the check engine light came on today.  


I'm trying very hard not to hate this car.

Here we go again
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Closing day is now only a month away-so I started re-packing up some of the house today, starting with some of the kids' toys. While I am trilled  at the idea of finally being in our new home I must admit I am not looking forward to moving again. 

here we go again

Grand Opening
Thursday, September 22, 2011

The development that we are building our home in is still so new that the community club house and pool have also still been under construction.

But this week marked the completion of the community pool and as soon to be residents we were invited to the grand opening/orientation.


As exciting as it was to see the new pool the best part of the evening came as they were showing us how the sound system worked and the gal doing the orientation flipped on the TV to show us how the TV audio can be played through the speakers. She just happened to flip on the TV to a rerun of How I Met Your Mother. So this is where I admit that I really like this show, and that I particularly enjoy Barney, the character played by Neil Patrick Harris. So the fact that she flipped on the TV to a shot of Neil Patrick Harris standing there with no shirt, holding up a sword just positively made my night.


My Kids are out of this World
Friday, September 23 2011

Today marked the kick-off of the Read-a-Thon fund raiser at the kids' school as well as the book fair. Both have an outer space theme so the kids were given the opportunity to dress up as an astronaut, alien, or robot for school today.

I just happened to have bought the astronaut costume last year for 90% off after Halloween so Adam wore that. Finding something for Zoey to wear was a little more tricky. So much of our stuff is still packed so I couldn't even find pipe cleaners to make antennae. I finally located some sticky sculpting sticks and we twisted some together and attached them to a headband to make one single antennae on top. I tried to convince her to stick a few wiggly eye balls to her forehead, too but she was not having that. But she agreed to let me stick an eyeball to a ribbon and then tie it around her wrist.

But my favorite part of this picture is the little one who jumped in the back to smell the flowers.


I had already taken my picture for the day this morning but this afternoon when we were visiting the house I was throughly amused by this scene in the garage.

lunch time

The tilers apparently didn't want PB&J for lunch today, because they had brought their own microwave which was plugged into their generator and sitting amongst the tile saw and boxes of tile. It made me smile.

Wonderful Lazy Weekend
Saturday, September 24 2011

This morning we went swimming for the first time since school started. We arrived around 8:00 am and since most the neighborhood was across the street at the park watching little kids chase a soccer ball we had the pool completely to ourselves for nearly 3 hours.

When we finally did go home I spent the rest of the day doing laundry-so this picture was a perfect representation of everything we did today. It was a good day.


Waiting for the other shoe to drop
Sunday, September 25 2011

I am always curious about stray shoes out in the wild. I mean how exactly does a shoe end up in the middle of the road? How could you not notice that you were missing a shoe? I would think it would be obvious. I am always trying to imagine the story behind these missing shoes.

So today when there was a flip flop in the parking lot at church I decided That not only should I take a picture of it, but I should start taking pictures of all the stray shoes I see. Maybe I could write a book where I make up the back story of all the random shoes I see.


Or maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself.


Megs said...

Stray shoes, I know how that happens, little kids take their shoes off after repeatedly being told not to. And as kids get in out of the car, not wanting to put them back on, they sometimes lose one of their shoes. And you don't notice it until later when you are trying to find the missing one. Anya lost a flip flop this summer after the 4th of July fireworks in Idaho falls. Granted when we left the street we were sitting on, I thought I had stuffed her shoes into the bottom of the stroller. And went on with the crowd to get to my car. When we had arrived home I realized we only had one. I sent Isaac back to the place we were sitting at the next morning (he left like at 4 to go to work) and the streets had already been cleaned, and there was no trace of a stranded shoe.

I hope your car lasts until you need it too. Hopefully the check engine light is for something stupid like mine is. My check engine light came on when we were driving home after Nat's wedding. Come to find out it is for a little tiny hole in a little tiny tube. So good luck!

HeidiPie said...

Well, good luck on everything and I wish I were there to help you pack..Just because I can imagine you right now not. wanting. to. pack. at. all. I mean you just moved... The new house will be nice and all though. I'm excited for you to finally move into it and for you to get that new car so you can quit having so many stresses. =) Let me know if I can help anyway from afar.

Andria said...

I love the stray shoe book idea! I could totally see that as a picture book series. You know, the writing program I'm in has a lot of picture book authors on the faculty...

Anonymous said...

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