Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boxed in


I know I haven't posted in 3 weeks. 

And I know you are all just on the edge of your seats wondering how things are going.

As I'm sure you can surmise from my lack of witty banter here the last few weeks have been insane! Good (mostly) but insane. We've been working our tails off and sleep has eluded us. Add to that the fact that my computer has been packed for the last 14 days and maybe you can understand why I haven't gotten around to posting pictures in a while.

The good news in I've still been taking daily pictures-so I WILL eventually get them posted. I just have to dig myself out first.



Liss said...

ah, but you are still tweeting so i know you are alive ;)

HeidiPie said...

Well, I just have to smile. I'm glad you are getting all dug out. And that I'm going to still see pictures of every day when you get to it. =)