Monday, November 7, 2011

Eye on the prize

We are finally in the home stretch! Final walk through and closing on our house are next week! Some moments I am blissfully giddy at the idea of finally FINALLY really settling into our new life in Arizona. Other days I'm completely overwhelmed at all the work that lies ahead. But I just keep trying to keep my eye on the prize.

A girl can dream
Monday, October 10 2011

Today we got a call from the title company letting us know the final amount that we need to bring to closing next week. It was quite a bit less then we had been planning on and so I tried to convince Mike that this was a sign that we should go buy a new fridge. We have the same fridge we bought when we first got married. It still works. But it's small and I never have enough room for anything. Plus it's white and all our new appliances are stainless steel. Plus I would really REALLY love the water/ice dispenser in the door.

Mike wasn't convinced but agreed to at least go look.


I took a few pics at the Sears Outlet so I could remember prices for comparison sake....and forgot to take any other pictures all day.

(Side note, since I am writing this several weeks later I can tell you that we didn't, in fact, buy a new fridge. Maybe Santa will bring me one.)

Girl's day out
Tuesday, October 11 2011

Zoey went with me to run some errands today and she asked in her oh so sweet way if we could go to lunch together, too.


And how can you say no to this sweet face?

Wednesday, October 12 2011

We took the kids to visit the Arizona State Capitol where we learned that 2012 is Arizona's centennial. Which means we got here just in time for the party. Yea! (Those are my kids in the archways. I know they are tiny, by they are there.)

We also found smashed pennies! When we went to Disneyland last Christmas we started collecting smashed pennies. This has been the greatest thing EVER. For $1.53 I can buy all three kids a souvenirs that they are completely thrilled with, and you can find them nearly everywhere!


Going Green
Thursday, October 13 2011

The landscapers dropped off our front yard plants today.


Friday, October 14 2011

We took the kids to dinner tonight. We were looking for someplace that wasn't fast food but didn't want anything too "fancy". We stumbled upon a place called  Someburros and little did we know it was such a happnin' place. It was so busy and honestly the food was just okay. Certainly not good enough to warrant how ridiculously busy it was.

Luckily they had coloring sheets for the kids, which kept them entertained for a very long time. Which is always so confusing to me because we have coloring books and crayons galore at home but they always find coloring so much more enjoyable when done on the back of menu.


Kids at Work
Saturday, October 15 2011

With the move just around the corner now we decided to go ahead and take the desk apart today in preparation. The kids were a big help. Zoey counted and bagged up the hardware.


While Adam loosened screws.


Gieco gecko? 
Sunday, October 16 2011

Saw this lizard on the window today. Just hanging out, clearly he had no important to be.


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Liss said...

i always thought i wanted a fridge with the icemaker part too...but it means that the fridge AND freezer parts are really narrow and makes it hard to put stuff in. we bought a new fridge not long after my parents got one. we got the boring fridge with the freezer compartment up top, they got the side by side. my mom HATES she can't store stuff. my kids LOVE getting themselves icewater. and really, i want the one with the freezer compartment on the bottom (energy saver...) but my SIL has that and the kids are always leaving it a bit open and the ice cream melts. so, there are some real life consumer reports ;)