Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Give Thanks

Eating my words, and fresh produce
Monday, November 21, 2011
Day 176

You will recall that just before closing on our home we looked at the possibility of getting a new fridge. At the time we were looking at an LG model that was the end all of fridges. 31 cubic feet of storage. LED lighting at the top and the sides. It had all sorts of bells and whistles. And it was expensive. Which is why, in th end, we decided to wait a little longer.

Last Friday we were walking through Lowes and a Samsung fridge caught our eye. We were looking for a connector so we could hook up the BBQ grill and as we walked past appliances we stopped by for a look because of the price tag hanging above this particular model.

It has 95% of the features the LG one had but was $800 cheaper!!!!

We were in a hurry Friday night as we had kids at home waiting for pizza and doughnuts. But we slept on it and Saturday morning we decided we could "settle" for the Samsung because there was such a significant difference in price.

So-we went back and ordered one, and today it was delivered! Just in time to go shopping for Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Day 177

The fact that my husband works for a tech company does, on occasion, have perks. Like the fact that when he gets a new work laptop we get to hang on to the old one. (As long as he remains employed, of course.)

He also occasionally visits the tech "graveyard" for items that have been retired by the company but may still have a little life in them.

And so, Mike's old laptop + 2 old monitors he rescued from the graveyard = Harrison's delight.

He has PBSkids.org playing on on monitor and is watching Dinosaur Train on Netflix on the other.

Try not to be too jealous. The computer runs slow and the monitors are old and the whole set-up is in dire need of some external speakers. But since he's only 4 he thinks it is super-fantastic!

Let the party begin!
Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Day 178

It was, of course, party day at school. I made a visited each kids' class to see how they were celebrating on this eve of  Thanksgiving.

Day of Thanks!
Thursday, November 24, 2011
Day 179

We opted to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. A couple months ago we had discussed making the drive back to Utah for the Holiday but our car is really on it's last leg and so in the end we decided to have our own feast here in AZ.

We kept it small. We cooked just a Turkey breast in the crock pot. I made stuffing from a box and served up Rhodes rolls. None of us like yams so we skipped those altogether. Zoey helped me make a pumpkin pie and a chocolate cream pie and that was it. Small and simple.

We watched the Macy's parade on TV before dinner and put up the Christmas tree after. I even got to take a nap! All in all, not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving.

Black Friday
Friday, November 25, 2011
Day 180

I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. I have zero desire to wake up before the crack of dawn and fight crowds and stand in line just to supposedly save a few bucks. So, instead, we slept in, hung out in our pajamas until after noon and then, since it was 75 degrees, went to the park after lunch.

As we walked to the park Adam and I were making crazy shadows together. This is our super-tall 4-armed monster.

As it started to get dark we ducked into the clubhouse (being a Holiday weekend everybody else was out of town.) At the clubhouse there is an Xbox kinect so we found a fun game the whole family could play together for an hour or so and then headed home and had pie for dinner. I could get used to days like this!

Everybody Loves a Parade
Saturday, November 26, 2011
Day 181

We ventured out to Tempe today for their Festival of Lights parade. We had no idea how crowded it would be or how difficult it would be to find parking so we headed out a little early. Turns out we got there with PLENTY of time to spare. So we enjoyed homemade ice cream at a little local Ice Cream parlor and then the kids colored and played on the ipod while we waited for the parade to begin.

Growing up too fast
Sunday, November 27, 2011
Day 182

Zoey is currently obsessed with the idea of being a teenager. (Don't get me started on how much this frightens me!)

Tonight we went out in the early evening for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Little did I know that Zoey had brought along her phone.

She was walking a few feet behind me and I heard her chatting away about  nothing in particular. I turned to see what she was carrying on about and this is what I saw.

I guess I can't judge her since I obviously had my phone with me as well, proven by the fact that I was able to take this picture of her during our walk.


HeidiPie said...

Yay! New fridge! Samsungs are supposed to be good, so you'll have to let us know, Some day we WILL be building a home...so...
How did you watch the macy's parade...I wanted to watch it (but didn't really act on that to see how I could...just on the internet?)
And I'm glad you had such a wonderful quiet Thanksgiving. We did too.
Let's hope Zoey doesn't grow into that teenager so quickly. shaking of my head.

Liss said...

LOVE the fridge.
zoey makes the cutest pilgrim ever....and geez she looks so grown up in the cell phone pic!
harrison and i need to hang out. i watch movies on the laptop while working on the computer too ;)

orangemily said...

Sweet fridge!
Cute kids!
Glad you had an great holiday!