Thursday, November 1, 2012

Capturing Gratitude

I've been a little silent here lately. After a whole year I needed a brief break from pressure of a picture everyday. But I stumbled across a photo challenge that spoke to my heart and was too perfect for this blog to pass up!

So, here and now I announce my participation in the Capturing Gratitude 2012 experiment!

With the crazy ups and downs of life as of late I've been trying to remind myself to count more of my blessings and to try harder to feel and express gratitude. This was a perfect way really spend this month focussing and all the things I am so very grateful for.

Today I am grateful it is finally fall planting season. It's been SO HOT this summer. Like record breaking hot, even for Arizona. As a result many of my pretty flowers died.

But last week I headed to the nursery and loaded up my car with lots of new pretties!


And today I finally finished getting them all planted in their new colorful homes.



I love that when I meet new people in the neighborhood and I'm describing where I live they say "Oh, the house with all the colorful pots out front!" I hope the beautiful blooms bring as much joy to passers-by as they do to me.


Lauren Tober said...

Gorgeous photos.... so glad you're joining us in capturing gratitude this November

Kathryn - Collage Diva said...

I love not only the colorful pots but your yellow door too. I'm writing from NH where it is getting very chilly and they are threatening our first snow of the season. Your photos are warming me up. Many thanks!